I love a good wedding

Formal or informal, write your own vows or allow me to script your wedding, have the ceremony wherever you wish indoor or outdoor, invite guests or not, supply your own witnesses or witnesses can be provided.  It is up to the both of you to decide what kind of wedding you want.  I have several wedding packages you may choose from in various price ranges, or you can customize your wedding.

Simply “I Do” Wedding package $35.00 +

A minimum of 2 hours’ notice is required. You come to my home and have the ceremony performed in my backyard (weather permitting) or in my living room in front of a beautiful picture window.  No guests.  You bring your own witnesses.  Takes less than 30 minutes.


       ·         Silk wedding flower rental            $40.00

       ·         Wedding cake to go                      $30.00 + 24-hour notice required

       ·         Witnesses provided by officiant    $25.00 each

“Location” Wedding package $75.00 +

 You choose the location of your ceremony provided it is easily accessible: parks, public outdoor spaces, wedding chapel, private home.  No mountain tops or ski slopes.  You need to have prepared you own vows and provide me a copy of them before the service.  You provide your own witnesses.  One hour time limit.


·         Silk wedding flower rental                $40.00

·         Witnesses provided by officiant                               $25.00 each

·         Mileage Charge (map quest) more than 5 miles      $.55/mile

·         Extra time from consultant for vow consultation     $25.00/hr.

        Rehearsal or time at the wedding. Minimum charge 1 hour