Simply “I Do” Wedding package $35.00 +

A minimum of 2 hours’ notice is required. You come to my home and have the ceremony performed in my backyard (weather permitting) or in my living room in front of a beautiful picture window.  No guests.  You bring your own witnesses.  Takes less than 30 minutes.


        ·         Silk wedding flower rental            $40.00

        ·         Wedding cake to go                        $30.00 + 24-hour notice required

        ·         Witnesses provided by officiant    $25.00 each

“Location” Wedding package $75.00 +

 You choose the location of your ceremony provided it is easily accessible: parks, public outdoor spaces, wedding chapel, private home.  No mountain tops or ski slopes.  You need to have prepared you own vows and provide me a copy of them before the service.  You provide your own witnesses.  One hour time limit.


·         Silk wedding flower rental                                                        $40.00

·         Witnesses provided by officiant                                                $25.00 each

·         Mileage Charge (map quest) more than 5 miles                    $.55/mile

·         Extra time from consultant for vow consultation                 $25.00/hr.

        Rehearsal or time at the wedding. Minimum charge 1 hour   

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